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Feedback for Kaytcheung’s blog: Game-Based Learning

Hi, Kaytcheung,You have a good understanding and use of Game-Based Learning. The reader’s attention is captured through clear categories and examples. By designing the learning content in a game format, you can see the understanding, memorization, and application of knowledge… Continue Reading →

Feedback for Kayatcheung’s Blog 1: Interactive Learning & AR

Hi, Kayatcheung,You have an excellent job in interactive learning, and AR is a great perspective. They are integrating AR into some advanced teaching pedagogies and profoundly impacting active student engagement and deep understanding with fun technology. Teachers can also enhance… Continue Reading →

Feedback for nx’s Blog 7: Photo Post-Processing

Hi nx,You made perfect changes in color and size. People like things to look at, and a finely retouched photograph is no exception. Keeping it natural while looking good and preserving some character and recognizability is critical.Blogs with pictures are… Continue Reading →

Feedback for JY’s Topic 6: How Do We Evaluate Multimedia and Multimedia Tools

Hi Junyang,This class gave us an excellent opportunity to learn how to cut and create videos. The video will give the reader a view that is easier to understand and enjoy than a large text. Your creation video largely embellishes… Continue Reading →

Feedback for JY’s Topic 4: Design of Multimedia Learning Objects and Artifacts

Hi, Junyang,You have a great design, artwork, and graphics that will catch people’s attention. Poster design is indispensable in multimedia learning, and we can better convey information to people in this way. The reader can clearly understand the activity and… Continue Reading →

Assignment 4: Multimedia Design, Create & Review Group Project

This is our group assignment “League of Legends” teaching blog. Discussion Introduction This learning content is designed as an introduction blog to beginners on League of Legends (LoL), a popular strategic competitive video game that requires teamwork. By the end… Continue Reading →

Blog 7: Photo Post

I took the photo below last month at the Finnerty Garden. I used VSCO’s editing function and filter effects to give it a different look. Filters can add a lot of brilliance to a photo and create a specific atmosphere… Continue Reading →

Blog 6: How Do We Evaluate Multimedia and Multimedia Tools?

This week I initially learned how to edit video with OpenShot, and added interest to the original video through a series of basic steps. It is a meaningful way to record interesting things in life by using images instead of… Continue Reading →

Feedback for nx’s blog4: Multimedia Learning Objects and Artifacts: Graphics & Infographics

Hi, nx,I admire your design, and I find it very refreshing that you use an attractive style to convey the poster’s theme. The idea that you use graphics to attract others and introduce your strengths is something I like. Canva… Continue Reading →

Feedback for nx’s blog 3: How Do We Learn?

Hi nx,You made it clear for me to see through the different categories and used examples to make me understand your point better. Social constructivism helps us. We share and learn from diverse perspectives, enriching creativity and imagination.Gamified learning stimulates… Continue Reading →

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